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What Does the Future Look Like Regarding Marijuana?

Many marijuana supporters like to ask what the future of marijuana looks like in the year 2030 and beyond. Many people have researched and have come up with a probable outcome of what that future looks like exactly.

What does the year 2030 hold for marijuana?

Many in the marijuana industry feel that marijuana will be a novelty item that scientists are able to manipulate and form unique blends of CBD and THC for individual tastes and preferences. There will be unique flavors as well as different effects depending on strains and combinations per desired requests.

What about the schedule of Marijuana?

Currently, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, the same category as other illicit drugs such as heroin and LSD. Experts predict that this scheduling will be removed and marijuana will no longer be called “weed” but known merely as cannabis. Opiate-related deaths will reduce dramatically and become known as an exit drug instead of a gateway drug. Experts also believe that marijuana will become a common household commodity with even easier access.

What about the legal status of Marijuana?

It is believed that all of North America and Europe will legalize marijuana as well as ensure proper regulations and protocols are in place. Marijuana will be accepted by all of society as a beneficial natural drug versus past thinking. The marijuana industry will increase business and growth tenfold as more jobs and revenue increase.

What will access and prices look like for marijuana?

Due to massive production across the nation and/or world, prices will drop dramatically and be affordable for the general public. Medical research will increase the support for medicinal purposes as well as with the use of AI, robotics and future technology; cannabis will be customizable to each user for maximum health benefits. As the legalization happens nationwide in the USA, worldwide legalization will be close behind.

How will the marketing approach change regarding marijuana?

With ever-growing advancements in Smartphone and electronic device technology, marketing will be done entirely through text messaging on a mass level as well as through mobile applications. Consumers prefer to access information and purchase their desired items online, and marijuana will be no exception.

What about medical marijuana?

By the year 2030, experts predict that the marijuana economy will be categorized into recreational and medicinal. The FDA will have approved several marijuana medications on the market. There will be interests in both sides as well as the potential for investment and profit. Medical marijuana will be widely supported due to the vast amounts of proven research on the benefits of marijuana.

What about the retail aspect of Marijuana?

Experts believe that marijuana will become an agricultural as well as retail niche that will grow no different than the conglomerates of Wal-Mart and Costco. Marijuana will be readily sold pre-packaged to the public en masse as well as create opportunities for smaller business owners to dominate certain sectors of the marijuana market where the larger corporations cannot reach.