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Marijuana, despite multiple resistance fronts from various populations, is on the rise and becoming legal in numerous states. Marijuana supporters lay in limbo as the federal government continues to debate the future of marijuana and legalization in remaining states.

Many politicians are against marijuana for various reasons including medicinal purposes. Those against marijuana vocalize many negatives, such as:

  • Pot is a gateway drug – this has not been proven and many claim this is a false statement. Scientists have determined that those who use harder illicit drugs have other mitigating factors aside from marijuana that lead to the use of other drugs.
  • It’s more addictive than heroin or cocaine – addiction to any substance is possible however with marijuana it’s highly unlikely compared to heroin or cocaine.
  • It’s terrible for the economy – this is false. Take a look at Colorado, more than 18,000 jobs were created, and the state’s profit increased by over two billion.
  • It’s terrible for everyone’s health – inhaling marijuana into the lungs does have adverse effects; however there are other forms of taking marijuana that is not detrimental to one’s health such as orally, topically and edible form.

Why should marijuana become legal?

As with any topic that is controversial, research is encouraged to form your own opinion as well as educating yourself with all of the information available. There are several reasons to consider the legalization of marijuana, and they are:

  • Numerous polls show more than half of the American population favors the legalization of marijuana.
  • Multiple scientific studies and continuing research show that marijuana and other forms of cannabis are beneficial for mental and physical health.
  • Economists predict a plethora of new job potentials as well as an increase in revenues for multiple states and government hierarchies.

What are the reasons against legalization?

Just as there are reasons for legalization, so tooare there reasons against.

  • Scientific research also shows some concerns when it comes to marijuana such as younger adults and physical changes in the brain as well as overall cognitive functioning.

  • Enforcing law and order with marijuana use is inadequate as many states choose to treat marijuana the same as alcohol, which is unwise because both are processed differently within the body.
  • Electric grid usage across the nation would increase exponentially as marijuana dispensaries who cultivate their own sources use large amounts of electricity and energy.

The future of marijuana will always be a hot topic of debate due to just as many people being for as there are people who are against it. Every politician and elected official will always have his or her own input as well as influence regarding the legalization of marijuana.

With that said, the facts are there that marijuana is highly beneficial and carries several potentials for jobs, increased revenue and medical advancements. All that can be done is continued research, education, and patience as events unfold.

Many predict that marijuana will be the future of medicine, and with the data available that is a hard fact to dispute.