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Category: Medical Marijuana

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Marijuana is an illicit drug in most countries and frequently tested for by employers. This often leads users to wonder just how long marijuana stays in your system. The answer to this question relies on understanding how cannabis is processed by the body as well as what drug tests detect. On the first count, marijuana […]

Medical Marijuana on an Upward Trend

With state after state legalizing marijuana recreationally and medically, many studies have taken place to examine the benefits of marijuana. Precisely, in the medical field, marijuana has been known to have benefits for many years. Despite the resistance and backlash, marijuana for medicinal purposes has been utilized by several states for years before the legalization […]

The Future of Marijuana

Marijuana, despite multiple resistance fronts from various populations, is on the rise and becoming legal in numerous states. Marijuana supporters lay in limbo as the federal government continues to debate the future of marijuana and legalization in remaining states. Many politicians are against marijuana for various reasons including medicinal purposes. Those against marijuana vocalize many […]

What Does the Future Look Like Regarding Marijuana?

Many marijuana supporters like to ask what the future of marijuana looks like in the year 2030 and beyond. Many people have researched and have come up with a probable outcome of what that future looks like exactly. What does the year 2030 hold for marijuana? Many in the marijuana industry feel that marijuana will […]

Considering Medical Marijuana

This is a story shared to me earlier today from a friend. I thought it was perfect for our readers here at TheHerbDoctor! Eighteen months ago, my closest friend died from metastatic breast cancer. I have a lot to say about this event, but for here, let’s just talk about pain medication. During the last […]

Times Change, the Rules on Medical Marijuana Should Too

You might not believe this in 2018, I am not sure I do, but marijuana is a class 1 controlled substance which makes it illegal under federal law. The reasoning behind the classification is that it has no accepted medical use and a lack of acceptable safety. The dichotomy between its medical use and its […]